Converting A Carport To A Garage

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    converting a carport to a garage

    A carport-to-garage conversion is a great way to expand your home’s storage space and protect your car from the weather.

    However, before beginning this project, a few things must be done.

    You’ll need to add walls to your carport, essentially turning it into a garage.

    This means figuring out what materials you’ll need and how much they will cost.

    You may also need to factor in labor costs if you hire someone to help with the project.

    In addition, ensure that you’ll need a permit from your local building regulations office by converting a carport to a garage; if so, obtain that before continuing.

    If you need help with how to go about this conversion or would like more information on the process, call Felkers Garage Doors.

    Materials Needed for a Garage Conversion

    A few things you might need for a carport-to-garage conversion project are:

    • Insulation
    • Lumber
    • Particleboard
    • Siding
    • Door(s)
    • Nails
    • Screws
    • Drain pipe
    • Drywall
    • Plywood
    • Excavation concrete
    • Gravel
    • Need metal conduit, insulated wire, electrical boxes, switches, and other materials to run electricity into a structure.

    Carport-to-Garage Conversion Steps

    · Planning

    A garage door company in Hamilton can help you lay out the plans for a project like this, so be sure to get accurate measurements and schematics before starting.

    Also, make sure to carefully plan the project before buying any materials.

    Upgrading or expanding your carport?

    Make sure to adhere to city setback regulations, and double-check the condition of your current structure – will it be able to support the expansion?

    · Preparation

    This project won’t require you to excavate for a foundation but ensure the ground is level and has proper drainage.

    Remove anything obscuring the existing joists and columns in the carport.

    · Build and Install the Walls

    To construct the walls:

    1. Use pressure-treated lumber for the bottom plate and wall framing.
    2. Leave 16 inches between each beam.
    3. Lay plastic sheeting over the base plate to keep moisture from seeping through gaps in the ground.
    4. Attach your newly built walls to the carport structure at its top and sides.

    ·  Install Windows and Access Doors

    While you don’t need windows in your garage, you will want at least one door for easy access.

    Be sure to include openings for garage doors and windows in your building plans.

    ·  Install the Garage Door

    This door must have a slope so water will drain towards the street.

    Installing the garage door can be tricky, so that you might need a contractor’s help.

    ·  Add Electricity and Insulation

    After the garage’s windows and doors are installed, you can install electrical wiring.

    If you don’t have experience with this type of work, it would be best to hire a professional electrician since amateur attempts could lead to dangerous consequences.

    The next step after buying insulation is to install it, which can help preserve heat.

    The insulation you’ll get likely depends on what your garage is made of.

    ·  Complete the Garage

    To begin, install drywall inside your garage. Afterward, add siding to the outside of the building.

    Next, personalize your space with paint or other decorative details like moldings.

    Cost to turn a carport into a garage

    The average cost of materials for this project is $8,000 to $10,000.

    Prices will differ based on the size of your carport-to-garage and what type of materials you use.

    If extensive modifications are needed to ensure proper drainage around the structure, that will also add to the total cost.

    If you’re looking at cheap options, it would be less expensive to relocate or remove your carport and buy a new garage- especially if the condition of your current one isn’t top-notch.

    Although transforming your carport into a garage is usually less costly than building an entirely new garage.

    But be ready to spend more money if the carport’s slab, roof, and support posts need to be in better condition.

    Finishing the walls and adding doors can rack up around $9000 to $11000 in labor expenses for a professional carpenter.

    The project costs between $18,000 and $35,000 when you factor in the price of framing lumber, windows, siding materials, a garage door repair, and an entry door.

    Also, consider increased electrical expenses for service upgrades, dumpster fees, and permits.

    Final Words

    There are many benefits if you have been considering converting your carport into a garage.

    In addition to the increase in value of your home, a garage can offer shelter and security for your vehicles and belongings.

    We have a team of experts who would love to help turn your carport into the garage you always wanted.

    Give us a call and we at Felkers Garage Doors would be more than happy to answer your queries on converting a carport to a garage.

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