Garage Door Opening On Its Own – What to do?

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    Garage Door Opening On Its Own

    Having a garage door installed in your home is an excellent method of ensuring security.

    It also allows for an automatic system that can be controlled by you at all times.

    However, what would you do if your garage door started opening on its own?

    Well, there are certainly lots of reasons why this would happen, and there are certain troubleshooting mechanisms that you can undertake as well.

    We at Felker garage doors understand this problem and the menace it might prove to be.

    To help you through this, this blog will guide you about what can be done.

    Why Is Your Garage Door Opening on Its Own?

    Garage doors have been designed to facilitate homeowners.

    However, like every electrical appliance, these, too, have their own nuances.

    Following are some of the reasons as to why your garage door might be opening on its own.

    Safety Sensors Issue

    Modern systems of garage doors comprise safety features that open the door during the closing cycle.

    If it detects something is blocking the path. If during the descent, any object is hit upon, the door immediately opens up.

    Similarly, if the beam of light that runs between the floor sensor is broken, the door will not close.

    As a result, you will find the garage door opening on its own.

    Other items like leaves, snow, and ice can accumulate across the garage door, causing it to open up.

    If that’s the case, you can always have a look at the blinking light present on the opener.

    It could also be present on the door operator button.

    This would indicate if there is any blockage at the door.

    However, if there is no blockage, then there is a possibility that the sensor needs replacement. A garage door company in Hamilton can help you figure out if that’s the case.

    Examine the Opener

    Finding your garage door opening on its own can be triggering since it imposes the risk of burglary.

    One of the major actions that can be taken to troubleshoot this problem is to examine the garage door opener.

    The button can easily get stuck and dirty in the “pushed” position.

    If that’s the case, then the first thing you will need to do is clean it up.

    Free of debris garage door opener button will not cause this problem.

    If cleaning up the button does not work, check the connection in the keypad housing.

    You will need to replace the keypad if any frayed connections are present.

    If not to able to change them yourself, give us a call.

    Examine the Circuit Board

    If you find your garage door’s operator button and safety sensor to be working perfectly and without any bad wiring.

    Then, the issue could be in the circuit board in the garage door.

    A power surge due to lightning strikes or electrical problems can cause the circuit board to go bad.

    In this case, the garage door is not opening or closing properly.

    However, a garage door repair doesn’t need to be reliant on this issue alone.

    For this reason, you will need to call the professionals if the problem persists.

    Troubleshoot the Issue

    Before calling the professionals, you might want to solve the problem independently.

    If that’s the case, then the following are the measures you could take.

    • Try changing the frequency or code associated with your garage door opener.

     Check if that helps. This is because any radio frequency, may it be from a neighborhood or police station, can interfere with the signals.

    As a result, the door may open and close on its own.

    To troubleshoot this problem by changing the frequency.

    • Sometimes, photoelectric safety systems can malfunction.

    If the sensors are misaligned, you will need to realign the beams.

    Confirm that the wall panel has stopped blinking.

    If the problem is associated with the sensors, the issue will resolve in this manner.

    • Weather conditions like heavy rains, snow, and thunderstorms can cause electrical surges.

    These can also cause ice to pile up against the door, thereby inhibiting the system from shutting down completely.

    Check for any hindrances in the path of closure.

    • Check the remote buttons and wall panel buttons.

    If they are stuck, then this might be the cause of your problem.

    Felker Garage Doors – One-Stop Service for you

    If you find your garage door opening on its own, then troubleshooting the problem may be your first choice.

    However, sometimes, in the pursuit of making things right, we often make them more difficult.

    So, if you do not have sufficient knowledge about wiring and remotes, it is best to call upon professionals.

    Our experts can help you in resolving this issue seamlessly.

    Contact us via our website or call today and find the solution to your problem.

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