Garage Door Sensor Bypass

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    Garage Door Sensor Bypass

    Automated garage doors can be a blessing and a curse.

    But as with all technological equipment, there is always a chance to go wrong.

    You can find yourself cursing your automated garage door when it refuses to shut.

    Just picture getting late for work and stuck with a garage door that won’t close.

    What would you do then?

    Of course, running away with the door open won’t be an option.

    For you don’t want burglars entering your dwelling.

    So how do you force the door shut?

    To achieve this, you would have to do what is called a Garage Door Sensor Bypass.

    As the name implies, this procedure helps you to shut the door forcefully by bypassing the sensors.

    However, this should always be your last resort option.

    In this guide, we tell you the steps to bypass your garage door’s sensors.

    Why Is My Door Not Closing?

    You may be wondering why your garage door is not closing in the first place.

    Of course, there is an issue with the sensors.

    But why may the sensors suddenly start to malfunction?

    This could be if there is an obstacle in the way of the door.

    The sensors could detect something as minuscule as cobwebs and, as a result, not close properly.

    In some cases, even if there is nothing obstructing the path of the door, the sensors may have a fault because of the presence of UV rays.

    To see if sunlight is affecting the closure of the door, simply try to block it with your shadow.

    If the door starts working now, you will have your situation sorted.

    But what if you have checked the sensors and found nothing wrong?

    What do you do now?

    Your only option now would be to bypass the sensors.

    In this guide by Felker Garage Doors, we tell you the steps to achieve this.

    The Steps For A Garage Door Sensor Bypass

    Before we begin discussing the steps of bypassing garage sensors, here is the equipment you will need:

    • Screwdriver
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Hammer
    • Two pieces of two-by-fours

    Step 1: Remove Obstructions

    As we have said earlier, before you move into the bypass stage, it is quite essential to test your sensors.

    Remove dirt and dust from the lens of the sensor to check whether it is operating properly or not.

    You should also remove minor and major obstacles from the path of the door to rule out any such possibility.

    The cleaning can be done with a dry microfiber cloth.

    If the sensors still don’t work, you can try the following ways before moving on to the bypass process.

    Step 2: Check The Sensor Wiring and Positioning

    You will then need to check whether the sensors are in alignment or not.

    These are mounted on black brackets, which are located on either side of the door.

    You will need to ensure that the wingnuts on these sensors are held tightly in place by twisting them.

    Once done, the green LED light on the sensors should be blinking.

    Another way to check for a sensor is working or not is by checking its wiring.

    For the sensors to work, an uninterrupted electricity supply is quite important.

    So check for the wiring of the sensor to see if it is broken or not.

    In case the wires appear to be damaged, then contact your nearest electrician to help you fix the issue.

    Step 3: Try Opening Or Closing The Door Manually

    One more method to finally make the garage door move is by disengaging the sensors while the door is shut.

    If your garage door is open and the sensors stop working, it is better not to disengage sensors since that could be dangerous.

    You can place a 2×4 under the garage door and then unhook the trolley from the automated system.

    You can do this by releasing the cord that hangs from the center of the door.

    Once this is done, you can easily handle your door manually.

    Step 4: Bypass Via The Wall Button

    This step works for all kinds of garage doors.

    Press down the garage door’s button until the door appears completely shut.

    If you do not hold the button down long enough, the sensors will again reverse the entire process, and the door will open again.

    The Bottom Line

    As we have mentioned already, there can be various ways to bypass the garage door sensor.

    In many cases, you can do the process yourself.

    But if you are looking for additional garage door repair services, then contact us at Felker Garage Doors to help you.

    We are a garage door company in Hamilton that provides all kinds of services, including garage door repair and garage door cable adjustment.

    Reach out to get the best quote today for a  Garage Door Sensor Bypass.

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