5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close

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    Garage Door Won't Close

    When a garage door won’t close, it can be an annoying problem to deal with.

    You could be heading out for work only to find out that your door won’t budge.

    \you certainly can’t leave it open because of obvious security concerns.

    An open garage door would provide trespassers an inlet into your house, and that could be another issue to deal with.

    So what do you do when a garage door won’t close?

    And why is it that your door is not closing?

    Continue reading below.

    Why Your Garage Door May Not Be Closing All The Way Down?

    There can be a host of issues why your garage door may not be closing completely.

    In some cases, even a tiny issue could prevent your garage door from even budging.

    While in other cases, a serious mechanical fault can prevent your garage door from closing all the way down.

    In some cases, you can fix the issue yourself.

    While in other technical scenarios, one may need to reach out to a garage door repair company such as Felker Garage Doors to help you with the predicament.

    Here are the top 5 reasons why your garage door won’t close.

    Sensors that won’t work

    There can be two things wrong with your garage door sensors.

    The first is that they could be faulty.

    And the second is that they can be too dirty to respond to signals efficiently.

    If your safety sensors do not receive power, chances are that your door won’t close.

    These sensors are located about 6 inches above the ground at the bottom of the garage door.

    The function of these safety sensors is to prevent the door from closing if these sensors sense the presence of an object or a living being near or under the door.

    If these sensors are out of alignment, they may continuously send warning signals to you that your garage door is impeded by another object in its way.

    To correct this anomaly, simply check for any objects that could hinder the closing of the door.

    Another issue that could arise with your sensors is if they have not been cleaned properly.

    If the pair of photo eye sensors get covered in dust, they may not be able to send and receive signals effectively that could prevent your garage door from closing.

    To get rid of this issue, you have to do is clean your photo eye sensors.

    Be gentle since the glass surface of the sensors is fragile.

    Battery Transmitter Issues

    The transmitters are responsible for sending signals to the garage door sensors, and then the sensors act upon that stimuli.

    But if the transmitter does not receive adequate power or if the battery is dead, then that could hamper the closing of your garage door.

    If you sense that the problem in your garage door has arisen because of a dead battery, then all you need to do is to replace that battery, and your door should function properly now.

    Limit Adjustment Not Set Right

    The limit set for a garage door is a way to determine how far the door needs to drop down for it to be closed completely.

    If the settings are different than your garage door height, then you may notice that your garage door opens as soon as it has been closed.

    To correct the adjustment settings, you will need to read your manual’s instructions and do a little trial and error.

    If that does not work, then contact a professional service such as Felker Garage Doors to get this issue sorted.

    Misaligned Or Damaged Tracks

    If the metal tracks of the garage door are not exactly parallel, then the door won’t close.

    Misaligned tracks are often the most common reason behind your garage door not closing.

    This could also be because of damaged or warped garage doors that result from a heavy-weight door.

    Constant opening and closing can cause wear and tear in the metal tracks, and in most cases, you would need to have these tracks replaced.

    Broken Springs And Cables

    Automated garage doors have quite a complex structure made of various springs and cables.

    If these supporting cables malfunction, your garage door won’t work properly.

    The cables could break under pressure, in which case you would need to have them checked and replaced regularly.

    To know the detailed way of fixing your garage door cables, refer to this article here.

    The Bottom Line

    There can be several other issues that prevent your garage door from closing.

    Contact Felker Garage Doors for the best professional garage door repair services.

    We are a garage door company in Hamilton that makes life easier for our customers in little ways.

    A garage door won’t close normally not much to fret about as they can easily be repaired.

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