How To Open A Garage Door Manually: A Step By Step Guide

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    How To Open A Garage Door Manually

    Automatic garage doors can be a blessing but a curse too.

    While they certainly make entering and exiting your garage swifter and more efficient, there are obvious drawbacks in case the automated technology malfunctions.

    This is the reason to have some basic knowledge about handling garage doors.

    Consider getting late for work and having the opener inoperational.

    Or maybe you are stuck outside due to a power outage owed to a hailstorm- where would you go?

    These are obvious circumstances where knowing how to open a garage door manually will surely play to your advantage.

    There are a few basic ways that can be used to effectively unhinge the garage door without causing the equipment to become obsolete and without injuring yourself.

    But before we delve into the science behind opening your garage doors manually, there are a few security measures you would need to be mindful of.

    The foremost of which is to ensure that the door is in the down position.

    In other words, care must be taken to ensure that the garage door is not ajar, as that could result in the heavy door slamming downwards forcefully when you release the opener.

    You may also need to know the basics of garage door parts, for which refer to our blog on everything you need to know about garage door parts.

    Learning about garage door parts will help you not damage any of its parts while DIY managing the fixes.

    To know more about how to open a garage door manually, read this step-by-step guide below:

    Steps on How You Can Open a Garage Door

    Unlock and Unplug

    The first instruction is to unlock and unplug it.

    If your garage door is secured by any exterior latches or locks, make sure to open them up.

    Doing so, will not interfere with the opening of the door.

    Care must also be taken to unplug the automatic door opener, which is an extra safety measure.

    In case the power comes on, and it interferes with your manual opening of the door.

    Find and Pull the Emergency release cord

    While this appears like a no-brainer, your garage is designed to have a red emergency release cord hanging from the center of the door.

    Pulling on this cord disconnects the door from the trolley, making it easier to lift the door.

    This is only handy if you are trying to open the door from the inside.

    If you are stuck on the outside, you may need to release the emergency release kit, which is located in the top center of your garage door.

    However, you may need a key to detach the kit since this comes as a safety measure to prevent intruders from opening your garage doors.

    Next up, you will need to unlock the door and make the handle vertical.

    Voila! Lift the door

    Once disconnected from the automation mechanism, you can now lift the garage door without any extra effort.

    Care must be taken to ensure that you lift the door straight and not from any of the ends.

    If you find yourself unable to lift the heavy door, then you may be dealing with obsolete springs.

    In this case, we recommend you seek professional help.

    We at Felker Garage Doors provide garage door repair services so get in touch with us.

    Reconnecting it back to the Automatic Trolley

    The process for reconnecting your garage door to the trolley is fairly straightforward.

    Just reverse the steps above.

    For starters, close the door, ensuring there is no space left between the door and the floor.

    Next, if you have an automatic trolley, you will have to plug back the opener.

    Then activate the garage remote for it to reconnect automatically.

    If your trolley is not automated, don’t worry.

    Simply reach out for the emergency release cord to trigger the closing of a switch.

    Once you hear the sound of a click, use your hands to connect the arm of the door to the trolley.

    Your garage door will now be in the same position as before and will function as normal.

    The Bottom- Line

    Learning how to open a garage door manually may be your savior at times.

    Especially, it helps you loads even when you least expect it.

    The process is relatively simple dismantle and then reconnect.

    All you need is to follow a step-by-step approach with proper care and attention.

    However, if you are looking for professional help or if your automation is obsolete, then contact Felker Garage Doors.

    We being a garage door company in Hamilton, are providing expert repair services at minimal costs.

    To learn more about the mechanics of garage door openers, read our guide on garage door opener installation and know how to open garage doors manually like a pro.

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