Programming Lift Master Remote

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    Programming Lift Master Remote

    An automatic garage door will make your life easier.

    No longer do you need to worry about manually opening your garage door.

    Automatic garage doors are not just very practical and provide obvious benefits.

    But they can also increase the worth of your household and make them very attractive for future realtors to buy.

    As garage door repair services, we recommend this to our clients for ease. In everyday garage door use.

    Contact us at Felker Garage Doors to get the best repair and installation services at affordable rates.

    If you have recently installed a Lift Master remote or are simply replacing an old or stolen garage remote, we urge you to read this guide here.

    What Is A Lift Master Garage Remote?

    If you do not know what a Lift Master Garage Remote is or how it works, then it is time to continue reading this blog below.

    A lift Master garage remote, as the name implies, controls the switches attached to the garage wall.

    It helps you to open and close your garage door automatically.

    In its physical form, the lift master garage remote is a very small motorized device that can be bought from any good hardware store.

    It may come with a remote radio control to help you administer control of your garage door from a short distance, such as while sitting in your car.

    How Does A Lift Master Remote Work?

    Before we go into the actual process of programming liftmaster remote, it is quite important to know how the lift master remote actually works.

    In plain terms, we can think of a lift master remote acting as a transmitter that emits short wavelength radio waves that are then taken in and sensed by an emitter.

    The emitter is present on garage doors.

    Once it has sensed the signal, the programming software within the system ascertains whether to open the door or close it.

    How To Program A Lift Master Remote?

    When it comes to programming liftmaster remote, the process is quite straightforward and involves a few easy steps.


    The first thing you will need to do is to find the “learn” button on the remote.

    You may also find a similar kind of option if your remote has a wall control.

    You could locate the learn button easily near the antenna wire protruding from the motor.

    The learn button could be either of the colors yellow, purple, red, orange, or green.

    In many cases, it may match the color of the antenna.

    Take note of this color.

    Press and Release

    Next up, you may want to press the learn button and then release it.

    You may have to repeat the above-mentioned step two times if you have the MyQ Control panel on your lift master remote.

    Press But Hold

    Follow this by pressing the button on your lift master remote again within 30 seconds of step 2 or immediately after it.

    Hold this button in total for three seconds.

    Blinking Lights

    Once you have successfully fed the programming instructions to your Lift Master remote, your garage door opener lights will start to blink, or the LED lights on the remote will start blinking.

    In either case, it suggests successful programming.


    You will now need to test your programming function.

    To do this, press the button and check whether it is functioning properly or not.

    In case it is not functioning as desired, you may have to repeat the above processes again in the given sequence.


    The methods we suggested above were steps to program a lift master remote for one button only.

    If you have more than one remote or in case you have to program more than one button, then we suggest repeating the 5 steps above.

    How To Link Your Lift Master Garage Door Remote To Your Car

    As we mentioned earlier, if you want to control your garage door from within your car, it is possible to do so via your lift master remote.

    Quite simply, find the car’s transmitter buttons on the console.

    Check if the previously programmed remote works with the car or not.

    If not, then reprogram it.

    To see the complete process of how to link your lift master garage door remote with your car, we suggest that you watch the following video.

    The Bottom Line

    As you can see, this is a simple and straightforward process.

    It will make your life a lot easier.

    If properly programmed, the system would not need to be replaced for ages.

    We are a professional garage door company in Hamilton with years of experience and a strong customer loyalty base.

    Reach out to Felker Garage Doors and receive a quote for your repair tasks today.

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