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    Automatic Opener Repair

    The garage door opener is an absolutely valuable invention.

    Since its creation, every garage owner’s life has become easier.

    With a press on your garage door remote, you can instantly open your garage door from a distance.

    You don’t have to get out of your car in the rain or scorching heat and exert effort lifting your garage door.

    With an automatic opener, you can operate your door within the comfort of your vehicle.

    Having a broken operator is as bad as not having an opener at all.

    If you have a damaged garage door opener, you won’t enjoy its benefits and convenience.

    Felkers Garage Doors has the solution to your problem.

    We offer same-day emergency garage door automatic opener repair near you.

    Whenever you need expert technicians, call Felkers Garage Doors.

    Our line is always open for urgent garage door repair services.

    How to Check for a Faulty Garage Door Opener

    It’s easy to blame the opener when your garage door is not working correctly.

    After all, it’s the device that controls the movement of your garage door.

    However, not all garage door problems are caused by the automatic opener.

    To determine if you have a faulty opener, you must detach the machine first.

    Close the garage door and pull the red emergency release cord.

    This will put the door in manual mode.

    Lift the garage door manually and check if it opens and closes without any problem.

    If you encounter a problem, then the issue lies in your garage door springs, tracks, or rollers instead of the opener.

    The Garage Door Wall Switch Won’t Work

    A common problem that automatic garage owners experience is a non-functioning wall switch.

    If the remote works but the wall switch doesn’t, the problem could be the hardware itself or the wires.

    It’s easy to determine which of these two the cause of your problem is.

    First, remove the cover from the switch, then touch the two wires simultaneously.

    If your garage door opener runs, then your problem is the switch.

    Otherwise, jump the two wires using a third wire at the opener terminal.

    If your automatic opener works, then you have faulty wiring.

    Replace the wall switch and wires to troubleshoot the problem.

    The Garage Door Opener Remote Doesn’t Work

    If your problem is the other way around (the wall switch works but the remote doesn’t), you need to change your remote batteries.

    You might need to buy a new remote if this doesn’t fix the problem.

    This will likely solve your problem if you have damaged remote buttons and internal wiring.

    Installing a new receiver could also fix your poor garage door opener range.

    The Garage Door Opens But Won’t Go Down

    Faulty door opener sensors are likely to cause this issue.

    Make sure the photo-eye sensors are properly aligned with each other.

    The sensor’s light indicator should be on if there’s nothing in the garage doorway.

    In case the light does not turn on, it indicates that you have broken sensors, so you need to replace them.

    Damaged Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

    An indication that you have a damaged circuit board is you have outlet power, but no sound or lights come out when you press the wall switch or remote.

    The circuit board is the plastic motor control board with lights and wires.

    It usually becomes damaged due to lightning strikes or power surges.

    If this is your opener problem, you should replace your circuit board to restore your opener.

    Replacing your garage door opener circuit board will cost around $80-$100.

    While circuit board replacement seems complicated, it’s a fairly easy task even for amateurs like you.

    There’s a Grinding Noise, But The Garage Door Won’t Open

    A grinding noise coming out of your opener is not normal.

    You may have a burnt main gear drive if you hear this annoying sound, but your garage door won’t move.

    This component is one of the easiest garage door opener parts to break.

    Replacing the main gear drive is complicated but manageable.

    For the best results, we recommend you leave the job to our professional technicians at Felkers Garage Doors.

    Felkers Garage Doors offer residential and commercial garage door repair.

    Our talented and skilled technicians also perform garage door installation and replacement.

    Talk to our team today to discuss your garage door concerns and needs.

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