Garage Door Springs Replacement

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    Garage Door Springs Replacement

    A loud bang coming from your garage door indicates that your garage door springs have broken.

    In this event, you should immediately attend to your garage door and keep people away from it.

    Do not touch anything or attempt to fix your door because you could just get in trouble.

    Replacing garage door springs is an urgent and crucial matter.

    You must immediately call your local technician to replace your garage door as soon as possible.

    Felkers Garage Doors has a team of technicians who are always prepared for emergencies.

    You can call our emergency hotline, and we’ll send our technicians to your place within minutes.

    Contact us now for professional garage door springs repair.

    We also offer residential and commercial garage door repair and installation.

    Is it Safe to Replace Garage Door Springs?

    Don’t attempt to open your garage door in case of a snapped garage door spring.

    Since the springs provide the counterweight for your door, you won’t be able to raise your garage door easily.

    Do not try to fix the garage door spring on your own too.

    Garage door springs hold incredibly high tension.

    This tension is what causes the loud bang when springs break.

    The tension could also result in injuries, accidents, or property damages if you DIY replace your garage door springs.

    Garage door spring replacement should only be done by licensed and experienced technicians.

    Trained professionals know how to handle broken springs safely.

    They also know how to properly replace them to ensure your safety and prevent a spring replacement soon.

    Tension and Extension Springs

    There are two types of springs – torsion and extension.

    Before you replace your broken garage door spring, you must be at least familiar with these two and their functions.

    If not, maybe it’s time to rethink this and call a professional technician to do the job.

    Extension springs are the springs that run parallel to your horizontal garage door tracks.

    When the door moves, the extension springs stretch and extend.

    On the other hand, the torsion spring is located above the garage door opening.

    It is wound on a metal shaft with aluminum drums on either end of the rod.

    How to Replace Broken Springs

    The first step in garage door spring replacement is determining which spring snapped and measuring it.

    You will need this information to look for replacement springs online or in hardware stores.

    Once you have the replacement springs, you can now begin the replacement process.

    Extension springs are easier to replace for amateurs, provided you have basic skills and knowledge about garage doors.

    But in the case of torsion springs, you must take extra caution.

    Torsion springs are under high tension, so there’s a higher risk of unwanted accidents.

    If you’re inexperienced in torsion spring replacement, you better leave the task to the professionals.

    Garage Door Spring Replacement Best Practices

    If only one spring breaks, does that mean I only have to replace one spring?

    It’s a tricky question.

    However, one of Felkers Garage Doors’ best practices is replacing both springs even if only one spring broke.

    Since you bought and installed the two springs at the same time, the springs are the same age.

    It means the other spring is also old and will soon give out.

    Why wait for another broken spring and spring replacement service?

    We can replace both springs so you won’t need to call your garage door technician again.

    Safe and Reliable Garage Door Repair

    At Felkers Garage Doors, your safety is our top priority.

    We try to fix your garage door issues and safety concerns upon our visit to guarantee your safety.

    We also do this to prevent your garage door from malfunctioning and causing harm.

    When your garage door is in tip-top shape, you can go on with your schedule without delay.

    This is what our team aims to accomplish – that your garage door is working perfectly fine.

    For the best garage door repair services in your area, call Felkers Garage Doors.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need emergency garage door repair.

    We have a team of professional technicians who are always ready for unexpected garage door problems.

    We offer same-day garage door repair and maintenance near you.

    Felkers Garage Doors also offers garage door installation and repair for residential and commercial garage doors.

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