Garage Door Capping Service – Why it is Important?

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    Garage Door Capping Service

    An often overlooked aspect of garage maintenance is the capping service. Garage door capping is a protective measure that is as essential as oiling your garage door parts or maintaining its overall appearance. It is designed to protect and beautify your garage door frame. So, let’s delve into why it’s important.

    What is Garage Door Capping?

    Garage door capping is a process in which an aluminum or vinyl skin is applied over the existing wooden frame of your garage door. This method, also known as “cladding,” adds an extra layer of protection against the elements, thereby increasing the longevity of your door. You can find more about it here.

    Why is Garage Door Capping Important?

    The importance of garage door capping can be broken down into a few key reasons:

    1. Protection: Garage door capping provides an extra layer of protection against weather conditions. This helps in preventing rot and other damage caused due to exposure to elements.
    2. Appearance: It enhances the overall look of your garage, adding to its curb appeal. The capping can be made to match or contrast with your door, based on your preferences.
    3. Cost-effective: Over time, capping will save you money by reducing the need for repairs and repainting due to weather-related damage.
    4. Maintenance: With capping, the requirement for routine maintenance tasks, such as painting and repairs, is significantly reduced.

    Comparison Table: Capped vs. Uncapped Garage Doors

    Factor Capped Garage Doors Uncapped Garage Doors
    Protection Offers a high level of protection from the elements. Susceptible to weathering and other damage.
    Appearance Enhances curb appeal. Can be customized according to preference. Requires frequent painting and can appear worn over time.
    Maintenance Low maintenance due to high durability. Requires regular upkeep.
    Cost-Effectiveness Saves money in the long run due to reduced repair needs. Requires frequent expenditure for upkeep and repair.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Felker’s Garage Doors, we’re committed to offering top-notch services. Our team of experts are well-versed in providing comprehensive garage door solutions. With years of experience, we ensure reliable and efficient service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How often should I have my garage door capped?

    The frequency of capping your garage door depends on factors like climate and the quality of your current capping. However, good-quality aluminum capping should last for many years without needing replacement.

    2. Can I cap my garage door myself?

    While DIY is an option, professional installation ensures a perfect fit and finish. This not only maximizes protection but also enhances the aesthetics of your garage. Visit our blog for more insights.

    3. What is the cost of garage door capping?

    The cost of garage door capping varies based on factors such as door size and material used. For detailed cost information, please check our service cost pages.

    4. Can capping help in case of a broken spring on the garage door?

    While capping protects your garage door, it does not directly influence the functionality of the door’s components like springs. If you encounter a broken spring, check our guide on broken spring repair.


    Understanding the importance of garage door capping can be a game-changer in maintaining the longevity and appearance of your garage door. By choosing Felker’s Garage Doors, you’re opting for years of experience, quality service, and a team dedicated to ensuring the best for your garage. Whether you need garage door capping, maintenance, repair, or any other service, contact us and let our team take care of your garage door needs.

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