Garage Door Cable Repair

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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Did you know that a single garage door can weigh at least 130 lbs?

    No wonder it’s so difficult to raise it when something’s wrong with your door.

    Your garage door is able to go up and down easily because of the system that makes it move.

    This garage door mechanism includes the springs, door tracks, and cable system.

    These parts are crucial in the proper opening and closing of your garage door.

    In this article, we’ll focus on garage door cables.

    We’ll discuss how it works and how to repair it if it becomes damaged or loose.

    We are Felkers Garage Doors, and we are at your service for any garage door problem.

    Call us anytime from Monday to Sunday for emergency garage door repair and replacement.

    Our expert team also offers garage door installation for commercial and residential properties.

    What Do Garage Door Cables Do?

    Many garage owners think that only the springs work in raising and lowering the garage door.

    While this is partly true, it’s not right to disregard the importance of garage door cables.

    The cable system also plays a vital role in ensuring your garage door’s proper and safe operation.

    Garage door cables are found on both sides of your garage.

    The cable system, which includes the cables and cable drums, acts as a safety backup to the spring.

    In the event that your garage door spring snaps, the cable will prevent the spring parts from flying out in various directions.

    Though it’s a backup, you must keep your garage door cables in mint condition at all times.

    Can I Replace my Garage Door Cables?

    So the garage door cables are connected to the high tension springs.

    Does that mean replacing garage door cables is as difficult and dangerous as spring replacement?

    The answer to the question is no.

    A garage door cable repair is DIYer-friendly.

    Replacing your garage door cables is relatively easier compared to garage door spring replacement,

    You can perform this repair task even if you are not an expert technician, but you have knowledge of garage door parts.

    Nevertheless, you must still proceed with caution since you’re still dealing with the high-tension springs and a heavy garage door.

    How to Replace Garage Door Cables

    Start your garage door cable repair by securing the garage door in the open position.

    Raise your garage door and use a lock or vice grip to keep the door in that position.

    This step is a vital safety measure so that your garage door won’t close down on you.

    Next, locate the cable at the bottom of the garage door looped around a peg.

    Remove the cable and unwind it from the drum.

    Install the new cable and wind it to the drum.

    Loop the end of the cable around the same peg at the bottom of the door.

    We recommend you follow the manufacturer’s manual in performing garage door cable replacement to ensure that you’re doing it correctly.

    Do You Need to Replace Both Garage Door Cables?

    Like springs, it’s also a good practice to replace both garage door cables.

    If one cable breaks, it will cause distortion and imbalance on your garage door.

    It means your door will not lift evenly, and the good cable will carry all the stress.

    As a result, the other cable will also wear out quickly.

    Thus, you should replace the other cable together with the broken one.

    After all, the cables are the same age.

    It’s only fitting that you change them at the same time so that both are in tiptop shape.

    Replacing both cables is also beneficial since it will ensure that the cables have equal lengths.

    Furthermore, replacing both cables should not be a problem since they are inexpensive and usually come in sets.

    High-Quality Garage Door Repair Near You

    Felkers Garage Doors offer expert garage door repair and replacement.

    We also offer commercial garage door installation and repair.

    Our highly qualified and experienced technicians know how to deal with all garage door problems.

    If you think something’s wrong with your garage door, just give us a call, and we’ll be at your place within minutes.

    Don’t hesitate to contact our technicians and let the pros repair your garage door for you.

    Call us today for emergency garage door repair near you.

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