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    Commercial Garage Door Repair and Installation

    Felkers Garage Doors specialize in commercial garage door repair.

    Our team of qualified and licensed garage door technicians has many years of providing expert quality repairs.

    They can service any type and style of commercial garage doors, including roll-up and sectional garage doors.

    If you need urgent garage door repair in your area, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

    We will not waste any minute and go to your place right away.

    Our technicians have the required tools to provide you with an emergency commercial garage door repair.

    Call our local number today to experience the best garage door solutions from Felkers Garage Doors.

    Dented Garage Door Repair

    One of the most common garage door issues is dented or broken garage doors.

    No matter how hardy and weather-resistant your garage door, it will still deteriorate over time.

    Your garage door panel will have scratches, dents, rust, and bends over time.

    When this happens, you need professional garage door repair.

    Our technicians can handle dented and broken panels

    We have professional repair techniques to make your garage door as good as new.

    If the panels are completely damaged, you will need a panel replacement to restore your garage door.

    Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair

    Broken garage door springs are difficult and dangerous to handle.

    Springs that have snapped will affect your garage door’s performance, and consequently your business operations.

    In case of a damaged torsion spring, don’t operate your garage door to keep yourself away from danger.

    Contact your technician right away so they can safely and efficiently replace your broken spring.

    At Felkers Garage Doors, we will make sure to replace both springs despite only one spring snapped.

    This ensures that you won’t suffer from a broken spring again since both springs have the same strength and age.

    Broken Garage Door Cable Repair

    Broken garage door cables also affect the safety and operation of your garage door.

    Since the cables act as failsafe when the springs break, they usually snap when you have broken springs.

    You should replace your garage door cables immediately to prevent further damage and costlier repairs.

    Our technicians can handle garage door cable replacement.

    We will install high-quality cables to ensure your safety and prevent the cables from breaking.

    Garage Door Roller Replacement

    Garage door rollers are one of the most vulnerable parts of a commercial garage door.

    You use your garage door for your business operations, which means your rollers go up and down many times.

    Because of this, the wheels easily become thin and out of shape.

    You must replace your garage door rollers so that your garage door can move up and down without any noise and stops.

    Felkers Garage Doors offer high-quality garage door rollers.

    We can replace your top, middle, and bottom rollers and restore the smooth operation of your garage doors.

    Commercial Garage Door Weatherstripping

    Garage door weatherstripping keeps damaging weather elements out of your garage.

    It prevents moisture from reaching your car and causing damage.

    After some time, your garage door weatherstripping will wear away.

    In this case, you can no longer rely on it to keep water and the weather from getting into your garage.

    Our team of experienced technicians can install new weatherstripping for your garage door.

    We can install bottom seals, threshold weather seals, panel weatherstripping, and garage door stop weatherstripping for your commercial garage door.

    Automatic Garage Door Opener Repair

    Having a fully functional opener is a business asset.

    Garage door openers aid your business operations by making them more efficient.

    If you have a broken garage door opener, you will have a difficult time operating your garage door.

    Thus, you must always keep your garage door operator in good condition.

    Felkers Garage Door offers opener repairs and maintenance services.

    We can troubleshoot garage door openers of any type and brand.

    Expert Quality Garage Doors Near You

    We are Felkers Garage Doors, your most trusted team of garage door technicians.

    Our team consists of highly-experienced technicians who are genuinely passionate about servicing garage doors.

    We offer a wide range of garage door repair solutions, including commercial garage door spring and opener repair.

    We also offer our clients high-quality commercial garage door installation.

    Contact us from Monday to Sunday at any time for your urgent garage door needs.

    You can expect our team to arrive at your place within minutes.

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